Runs from TBD to TBD

Qualifying Classes & Contingency Payout

Payouts indicate cash award, all other amounts are dealer credit

General Contingency Rules

  • * In motocross events, payout is for overall combined moto scores
  • * In Supercross events, payout is for main event only
  • * Must ride a 2020 or newer Husqvarna Motorcycles motorcycle to be eligible
  • * Only motorcycles containing a genuine Husqvarna Motorcycles Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are eligible
  • * The Husqvarna Motorcycles logo and plastic components must be displayed on the Husqvarna Motorcycles motorcycle for contingency eligibility
  • * A minimum of 6 riders per class must be present for Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency to be awarded
  • * Any U.S. citizen or resident alien who qualifies for prize money may be required to pay taxes on the gross amount. W-9 forms with a Social Security Number or Tax ID and signature are required by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • * Any non-resident alien who qualifies for prize money may be subject to Income Tax withholding of 30%, which will be deducted from the prize money as required by the United States IRS.