FAQ For Riders

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Husqvarna Motorcycles NORTH AMERICA, INC. reminds riders to always wear protective gear including an approved helmet. SAFETY FIRST!

WHAT IS THE Husqvarna Motorcycles CONTINGENCY PROGRAM / racehusky.com?
Husqvarna Motorcycles offers incentives for amateurs (dealer credits) and professionals (cash) riders when they earn top finishes while riding Husqvarna Motorcycles motorcycles at select events across the United States and Canada. This is known as Contingency. There are no fees charged to riders, promoters, or dealerships to participate. Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash is the website used to streamline the program where riders can signup for the program, find Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency events and participating dealers as well as track the awards that have been earned and redeemed.
To be eligible for Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash, you must have an account on racehusky.com. Sign up at the Registration page You will be required to add your Husqvarna Motorcycles Motorcycle information and some personal information so you can be verified for the program. Any rider under the age of 18 requires the consent of a parent or guardian to participate in the program, which can be provided during the signup process.
  1. Riders should use the same email address that is associated with their contingency account when signing up for/registering for race events.
  2. Your email address is used to associate your race results from the promoters. If the promoter has the email address you used to create your Contingency account, then the results and your account will align and you will have less issues with collecting your Race Contingency.
HOW DO I EARN Husqvarna Motorcycles CASH?
Husqvarna Motorcycles pays contingency at nearly 1,000 events / series each year in motocross, off-road, road racing, flat track and Supermoto. You can earn Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash when you a finish in a paying position in a paying class at an eligible Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency event. For example, 3rd Place in 250 B Modified at Loretta Lynns AMA Amateur National. View the full list of Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency events at the Events page Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash is awarded once a result in an eligible class / event / series is verified by the promoter.
Amateur riders earn cash value credits that can be used to purchase products at any participating Husqvarna Motorcycles North America dealership. To find a participating Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer, check your local Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealers
Professionals can earn Pro Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash awards which are paid directly through a debit card. The Pro Payment Setup will require you to contact the Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency team and provide the necessary documentation in order for them to issue a debit card to you.
To receive a Husqvarna Motorcycles Cash, you must compete in a National Pro class. Please refer to the series payout page to see which classes payout in cash (they will have the signs next to each amount.)
After finishing in a paying position in a paying pro class at an eligible Husqvarna Motorcycles Contingency event you will receive a notification on your account dashboard asking you to complete the Pro Payment Setup.
The Pro Payment Setup requires you to download a W-9 (for US Riders) or a W-8 BEN (for International Riders), fill it out and attach it along with a photo of your driver's license to contingency_na@husqvarna-motorcycles.com
Once you complete the process Husqvarna Motorcycles will issue your check in 1-2 weeks.
Any U.S. citizen or resident alien who qualifies for prize money may be required to pay taxes on the gross amount. W-9 forms with a Social Security Number or Tax ID and signature are required by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
Any non-resident alien who qualifies for prize money may be subject to Income Tax withholding of 30%, which will be deducted from the prize money as required by the United States IRS.
This means that you only earn the specified amounts for each class / place for the series - not for the individual events within the series. You must finish in the specified place for the Series end overall championship in that class in order to earn the contingency.
WHEN / HOW DO I REDEEM MY Husqvarna Motorcycles CASH?
Once a verified race result is uploaded (usually within 2 weeks of the event date), you will be able to use your qualifying money at your local dealership.
Amateurs: Once you have your qualified contingency you can use your Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealer credit at any time at any participating Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer to purchase Husqvarna Motorcycles products and other products that will be used for your competitive Husqvarna Motorcycles bike. Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealer credit may not be used for any other manufacturer's bike or parts. To redeem your contingency, let the dealer know you are using your Husqvarna Motorcycles credit and give them your name. The dealer will log in to their account, look up your available awards and redeem them for your purchase. You will be required to provide your pin number before they can redeem any Husqvarna Motorcycles Dealer credit awards. The dealer has the ability to deduct partial amounts from your Husqvarna Motorcycles credit.
Pros: Your debit card will be filled with the new cash awards within 30 days from the time your results are verified and mailed to you.
DOES Husqvarna Motorcycles CONTINGENCY EXPIRE?
Amateurs: Yes, you must use your Husqvarna Motorcycles credit at a dealer within 12 months from when the award was issued. Once the award has expired, it will not be re-issued unless there is a valid reason for it to be re-instated.
Pros: You must submit your pro payment info found on your dashboard within 60 days of the race. Once submitted, the cash will be deposited to your debit card which you can save or use at any time.
Sign in to your account and click on the ‘edit’ profile link on the top right to update your information. It is important that your contact mailing address and email address be up-to-date for you to receive your reward notifications.
You do not need to enter your results. All results from eligible Husqvarna Motorcycles contingency events are verified and uploaded by the event promoter. As long as your name and address information on your profile matches the name you use when you sign up to race, your results will be automatically linked to your profile. Please allow up to two weeks after the event to get your result and award notifications.
If you ever have a contingency related issue please submit a support request on the Contact page .