Husqvarna Racer Contingency

3Bros Endurance Series

Friday, 10/12/18 at Glen Helen Raceway
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(Contingency is paid for overall points from this series at the end of the series, and NOT paid out per individual event.) What's this?
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When: 10/12/18 - 10/13/18 (9 months ago)
Where: Glen Helen Raceway
18581 Verdemont Ranch Road San Bernardino, CA 92401
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Series: 3Bros Endurance Series

Qualifying Classes & Contingency Payout

Off Road Contingency Rules

* Must ride a 2018 or newer Husqvarna motorcycle to be eligible

* Only motorcycles containing a genuine Husqvarna Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) are eligible

* The Husqvarna logo and plastic components must be displayed on the Husqvarna motorcycle for contingency eligibility

* A minimum of 6 riders per class must be present for Husqvarna Contingency to be awarded

* Must ride a Husqvarna for the entire series to be eligible for series-end rewards